Chapter 16

While it is only a few hours drive away from it, Nevada is not located on the North Pacific Coast, and has very little in common with it, except for the fact that both have mountains and semi-arid areas.

Oregon's Cascade Range

Oregon's Cascade Range

Carson Valley in Nevada

Nevada's Carson Valley.

Snow Lake Peak in northeastern Nevada

Snow Lake Peak in northeastern Nevada

Semi-arid lands in western Washington

Semi-arid lands in western Washington

arid land Nevada

Farmland in Nevada.

The website has a lot of really excellent information about the physical geography of the North Pacific Coast, and how its mountains are different from the Rockies.

In terms of human geography, Nevada also has little in common with the North Pacific Coast. The main difference is probably the completely different environmental attitude of the general population. People in northern California, Oregon, and Washington really treasure and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds them, but Nevadans are far less aware of their state’s aesthetic advantages, and face greater practical challenges, such as a limited water supply.

Additionally, how each region was first settled differentiates them. Nevada had a big influx of people during its silver and gold rush periods, but the Pacific North Coast was occupied more gradually.

Overall, the two regions are hardly at all alike.

Images from Google.

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  1. If you are going to use my picture of the Carson Valley, I would appreciate you at least acknowledging that you took it from me. Otherwise, remove it at once.

    • I got the picture from google, so I didn’t know where it was from. I am happy to attach a credit to it ~ how would you like your name to appear?

  2. This is for Andrew, Chapter 13. Nevada does not have just one national park…it has at least one more…Death Valley National Park, most of which is in California but a bit is in Nevada. There are several other national recreation areas, too.

    • Thank you for your correction, Bob! You are absolutely right ~ in fact, my family stayed in Nevada for one of our Death Valley visits!

  3. In chapter 16, you have a photo Nevada farm land with a wind mill and old barn, where did you get that photo? thanks, c

    • I got all of the images from google, probably by doing a search for “Nevada farmland”, or some version thereof. I no longer see it in the first 10 pages of the search, but it may be further on, or removed. Thank you for your inquiry.

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