Chapter 12

Nevada is not located on the Great Plains, but it shares some characteristics with them. For example, Nevada is quite mountainous, and has areas which resemble South Dakota’s Badlands, and Colorado’s Rockies. See if you can tell which place is which, in the three photos below.

Mystery image 2


mystery image 3

Nevada also has areas which are really flat, and resemble parts of the High Plains, as you can see from the two pictures below.

flatlands 1

flatlands 2

Where Nevada really differs from the Great Plains is in its annual amount of precipitation. The Great Plains get much more rain than Nevada, though both places can have really violent storms. Most of Nevada gets less than 17 inches of rain per year, while the Great Plains get between 20 and 55 inches.

Both Nevada and the Great Plains have extensive ranching, but Nevada has far less farming, due to its drier climate and more mountainous terrain. However, Nevada has a better developed mining industry, since mining in the Great Plains has only recently started to be explored.

Information from and Images from Google.

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