Chapter 10

Nevada is not located in the Southern Coastlands. In fact, Nevada is completely landlocked, and has no coastline at all. It does, however, share one major trait with the Southern Coastlands, and that is its huge and still-growing tourism industry. Foremost in this is undoubtedly Las Vegas, with its huge gambling and entertainment facilities, but Nevada’s natural features do not fail to hold their own.

Map of the Las Vegas Strip.

Map of the Las Vegas Strip.

From breathtaking views, world-class snow sports, and fine boating opportunities of Lake Tahoe, to hiking and climbing at Red Rock Canyon and Fire Valley, Nevada offers a never-ending display of natural wonders.


Some people would argue that Las Vegas is the least interesting of all Nevada attractions.

These Pyramid Lake tufa domes are the results of underwater thermal springs. These Pyramid Lake tufa domes are the results of underwater thermal springs.

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  1. where this place..?
    its so beautiful..

    • I am guessing you’re referring to the Pyramid Lake picture. It is in the north part of the state, just northeast of Reno. Here’s a map:

  2. Pyramid lake is beautiful but I have to tell you it has a weird vibe to it for sure. If you go there, you will know what I mean.

    Not many people visit it, and the area around it is dirty and it seems like an abandoned place.

    Very strange indeed.

    • Part of its charm is that it hasn’t been developed to death. It’s, really, just a matter of time before some enterprising developer figures out its potential, & starts making deals for surrounding land. With Tahoe & Reno so close, the tourist trade is practically built-in!

  3. I agree with Andrew Anderson. My family used to go to Pyramid all the time, but the water is always gunky and the area does have a wierd, kind of creepy feel. I would suggest either Lake Lahontan (Early summer is best – before the farmers around it drain it really low); or Boca Reservoir, which is just over the California border from Reno (about 1/2 hour to the west). Boca has some great scenery, especially in the wooded coves on the far side, and I have never seen it crowded.

    • Its creepy atmosphere is what makes Pyramid unique and magical. Thanks for bringing Lake Lahontan to my attention ~ I don’t know anything about it, and will definitely do some research! As for Boca, I can’t really include it in this blog, which is about Nevada only. Though I will, for sure, keep it in mind if I do a blog about California! Thanks for your comments!

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